Huwebes, Disyembre 19, 2013

Cosmic Ideas~

I will never understand how this vast universe negotiates with the humans and the workers of the land.
With some pile of trash, some junk and cans i can never reckon how things come to one.
Nor how things may drift or float or disrupt.
As they stay afloat in its humble abode as i watch it slowly wither its way thru.

When things come together and the galaxies conspire
The aliens and the extraterrestrials humbly connive
To solely delve deep and swim thru the ocean of thoughts and yesteryears
To come to a halt and put an end in the questions of tomorrow and hereafter

And as the milky way recognizes its planets and souls
A little pluto is demoted, erased from infinite fame
And just like that humans discover and rediscover
And realize what is real and what is not.


Huwebes, Disyembre 5, 2013

If only, coz I miss you.

Well I am feeling all sorts of things at the moment.
But to be honest, Im writing coz I miss you.

I miss you and your smile.
I miss you and your jokes.
I miss you and your antics.
I miss you and I.

I miss your texts.
Your tweets and your vents.
I miss us being one and the same.
I miss us being stuck with each other,

I miss us staying late at night.
I miss us comforting each other.
I miss us being each others boyfriends.
I miss us, I miss us.

I miss you and your wit.
I miss you and your depth.
I miss you and your words.
I miss you and the compliments.

I miss you being here.
I miss you and your presence.
I miss you and your eyes.
I miss you and I miss you true.

I miss you.
I wanna talk again.
I wanna sing again.
I wanna smile with you again.

If only I could mend all that's crazy wild in the world.
If only I could recover all the piece that have been broken.
If only I could get a time machine and relive each day.
If only I could give the world just to alleviate all that's hurting.

If only I could turn those tears to dust.
If only I could turn that confusion to magic.
If only I could produce a breed of those creatures.
If only I could nurse you and comfort you.

I would..
I would sail through the deep just to hold you.
I would cross the ocean just to see that smile again.
I would delve down that deep abyss just to reach you.

If only I could.
If only.
Coz I would..
And so I miss you..

I dont know how,
I dont know where.
I dont know how things will be greater.
I dont know.

But I hope it all turns around and so I can see that smile again.


Biyernes, Nobyembre 29, 2013

Young and Naive~

In flashbacks and glances
In sickness or in silence
In a mere blink of an eye
You've gotten me high

Through thick and thin
In hiding and lying.
In foolish escapes
Of smiles and waves

It was young and naive~
crazed and unimagined,
it was totally wrecking yet worth it,
that no one else may seem to beat.

It was uncalled for
And everyone seemed to want more.
It was fast paced and untangible
It was intoxicating and worth the fall~

It was all fake and never real.
It was child's play up the hill, 
To a neverland of no beginnings,
senseless with no happy endings.

It was never felt
Nor did I ever dealt
It was a game
And I felt lame

It was never decent
And you're left bent
Entangled by the past
With memories that seemed to last

Trapped in a sea of nothingness
In a space full of emptiness
In a world of empty solace
Of the grief and cunning faces

And would I ever forbid
To long just to bid
A good bye to what has been
And hello to what may beam.

So alas.... idk what. But.


Sabado, Nobyembre 9, 2013

R.I.P First Ones~

So this is a post about me ranting how i deleted something i wrote with all conviction and might, not to mention my eyes that were a bit puffy and watery whilst I was typing words.

Idk. No matter how hard I try to delve deeper I can no longer find the right words to render what I've deleted "alive".

It is dead. And its rather wrong to try to revive something that's of the past.

Maybe that's what  it's all about really.

To forget the past,
let go of all that's holding you back,
forgive and live,
then take a step and move forward.

It's time to let go of what's not to be.
It's time to bid farewell of the land of what if's
Time to permit one's self to live for the future
To "what could be's"and realize what's in store.

The past is always a great place to come back to,
never to dwell in nor be imprisoned in.
Its this sacred sanctuary of holding thoughts so dear,
but never jailed by the emotions that settled in.

Its always great to live passed one moment in life.
To know you have surpassed something so enduring.
Its great to look back and laugh at such memories.
But then again, 1,2,3 seconds that may suffice.

We are free to seek and think
              free to grasp each loving ideal
              free to treasure each fancy
              free to let go and let live and new day.

R.I.P to the firsts of yesterday's dreams
to the daydreaming and hoping.
R.I.P to the first ones.
To one that may never be~


Huwebes, Oktubre 10, 2013

The end game.

Shed tears never turn to dust.
It builds dreams and make them come true.
Sweat and finite hours of exhaustion,
may sound dreary but adds up to success.

To the number of times you've forgotten to eat,
to the tiresome moments of climbing up and down the stairs,
to the endless lines and stressful procedures,
and the number of times you've been bankrupted...

The first end has bid us hello.
And I know for fact, we have done well.
Uncertainty may always haunt us,
thou I know, this semester He has never failed me.

I set sail to an ocean of wide opportunities.
 Never knowing what may lie ahead.
I set my mind on a course
I never thought would be treacherous

But now the first has ended.
I have not finished the race,
Thou there'll always be a promise of tomorrow.
Of completion and a new beginning.

I have tried  my best,
and with all my luck tried to reach the end.
I have failed, thou not entirely.
Beckoning the age of better days, I stand unrattled.

I am waiting for tomorrow.
For a chance to prove myself.
Not just of the world, but to Him and myself.
That I can conquer this battle.

For this warrior never stops
Until the fight is over.
Those shed tears and endless rants will be my weapon.
Coz tomorrow, I WILL FINISH.

19.40. 10.10.13

Knackered & Jaded~

When words cannot strongly suffice the heart's longing,
the emotion sets in & the being lays knackered.

With questions made to and fro,
unimaginable consequences overpower.
It is right to take grasp,
To answer & catch every bit of certainty in the universe.

But what again is it that bedazzles this creature?
A word she would not utter not try to speak of.
A fantasy she dreams of cutting off,
Yet in reality, she longs of a fairytale.

Why would she in a million years run away?
Because she fears extinction.
Not of her race but for her well being.
For that something she has always caged within.

She refuses to enter the portals
For when she takes a step
She'd take a leap of faith
& drown in a pool of mess

She stays unamused yet enthralled
By the idea of knowing what "it" may seem to be
She remains in her corner, hoping.
That one day perhaps...

all her convictions will turn to ash forgotten for life & changed to something worthwhile.

18.27. 10.10.13.

Miyerkules, Oktubre 9, 2013


I dont know what lies ahead. But I seek to opt to know that things will go well.

Swell. As I just feel like falling flat on the concrete mountains of the jungle of the civilized world. I lie awake just to face the gloomy disposition of facing a reality that's there to haunt me for the rest of my well being.

I stand just to realize the truth of being in a certain circumstance of disbelief and not knowing.

And in this vast universe of connection dots and situations I stare into the ceiling blankly as the thoughts revolve around my own solar system. Rattled and amused I solemnly pray for that silver lining, for a breath of fresh hope and a bight ray of sunshine.

In layman's term, I am confused and uncertain of what the world may fuse to be. If   I the student shall find the right one or if I the student shall be forever one that waits till the crows turn white as cold as the snow that never falls in the PH.

I seek to know.
Thou I cant stand the heartbreak of waiting for unfavourable ideas.

10.7.13 12.44AM

Sabado, Agosto 3, 2013

Seeking breaking-free~

When it hurts like hell and you just wanna mask all the jumbled emotions inside you.
When you just wanna run across the hay fields and scorn yourself whilst you bleed so that the pain will be a refuge.
So that the pain inside will feel normal, so that the pain will mask another pain.

When will the longing end?
When will thy seeking end?

I wanna smile again, and laugh and cheer. And prance and fly.

I want the tears to fall so that maybe I could at least let go of some bottled emotions.

1,2,3 steadfast my heart beats.

I want the the stream to flow... The tunnels to burst.

And the barriers to break...

7.12.13. 4.58.

Anxieties and Heartaches~

When the anxiety starts to get to you,
and the water works start to haunt you,
give in.

Tomorrow is a brand new day,
but the heartaches of today will always and forever be etched.

It is a great feeling to live pass it.
To know you've struggled high and low but survived.
Its what's most fulfilling.

What I cannot comprehend is when and how things will come to a turning point.

I am waiting.~

And if once I see the light shine thru I'll go quick and savor the sun that beams thru.
I  shall live with it and attain it.

I wonder when the light shall shine.

I thought I have reached the end but I haven't.

I am still in the pits waiting for the walls to break.

Till tomorrow comes and hits me,

till triumph and great happy days. 8.3.13.

Lunes, Hulyo 8, 2013

Passing Fancies~

But what does a passing fancy mean? 
Is it when you hold your palms tight and your fists close just to rattle yourself with that uncannyfeeling?

Or is it during those sleepless nights when you force yourself to sleep yet you find yourself hooked in the enchanted tales of ideal romances? 
What does the four letter hold?

A promise of a great tomorrow?
Or a minute of certainty and uncertainty?

What does it mean to feel?

What does it mean to seek?
What does it mean to wait?

To wait for the crows to linger, the clouds to pass by, the door to unlock and the mind to open.

1,2,3 step. Fast.
This journey continues.


Biyernes, Hunyo 28, 2013

Patience & Patients~

Hi there!

          Its my first journal for this semester & school year.
       Many things have happened, many things have changed.
     The earth's motion started with different schedules,
                                                       different people,
                                                       and most possible a new environment.

Change was sudden, I should have long been prepared. And so it starts...

I carve a face on my oh-so-busy mind
And flip! My thoughts jumble, my words jump.
I kept thinking hard lately
And I cant believe it'll possibly even be more challenging

People run a jolt, they come and go
With written scribbles & laughs in exchange
I developed fondness for a person & a stranger
As weird as it may seem I have liked what it felt

To be loved & be complimented
To feel a heart-warming desire
To feel fulfilled & adequate
To help & to be of service

I see the smiles on their faces
And the twinkle in their eyes
Their sweet gentle beaming
And their soft whisper "I am fine"

This is what I like to do.
And I tell myself most often,
I wanna be of service
For people who dig thru the sands of time

For the masses who have long waited
To restore a huge grin
To laugh genuinely
To feel accepted

The "thank you's" are all rewards
To hear that is music in my ears
I wanna feel this joy
I want this lasting feeling

Firsts are always scary
First are ultra challenges
But who cares?
We live and we learn...

& love the journey that awaits. ♥

8.42pm. 6.27.13

Lunes, Hunyo 3, 2013

Trapped Emotions~

When feelings get lost in a sea of tides you grasp every bit of uncertainty. Hoping that in a queer skim you'll hold what you've been waiting for in the palm of your hands. But then again as every mystery unfolds you lay abandoned thou unrattled.

A quick snap of a finger, a gentle tap on the dusty wooden oak and a solid smack of drift wood...
Alas I this I found...

Little being wants to feel
To flaunt and anneal
As the tides splash
And I jump in a dash

Little being wants to scream
Just to flash thy beam
To sigh and fly
To apply thy cry

Little being want to play
As she goes astray
And humbly she whispers
"I dont care"

Little being wants to shout
Thou all the world may doubt
Little being wants to sob
Yet all the world's a blab!

Little being wants it out
Thou she pretends a scout
Little being sees the world
And every stab a sword

Little being wants to sneak
Maybe with just a peak
Little being wants it over
Yet I can say whatever

Little being says okay
Coz she's tired of maybe
As her mind floats in bay
She remains like a baby


1.01am. 6.4.13

In Memory~

As I woke up I found you gone
With shattered pieces of my heart left on the floor
Torn and abandoned I lay weary
Caressing every single moment of the life I had with you

I was left crushed in pieces
I reckon I can never make whole again
You left within a jolt of intangible lies
In a web of queries and anxieties

And as I lie on that cold hard marble
Reality struck that I may never see you again
That gentle smile that beams to and fro
And that flick of hair that rattles my soul

I held my palms and remembered how you held it
And in my heart I know I've found you
But in that winter night I know
I lost a soul I have bore my life to

I dont wanna say farewell
Coz I know you were the one
I dont wanna say good bye
Coz im waiting one last hi

-Dee. 11.12am. 6.4.13

#totalrandomness I have no idea where this came from. Totallyyyyy

Martes, Marso 19, 2013

Tolls Taken

“Hindi ka pa ba graduate?”
I get that a lot or most commonly these words,
                “Ilang years course mo?”
Sometimes I glance in blank space and wonder…

Next year my batch mates will be in their senior year, they’ll all prolly be busy with their research works, they’ll prance around job fairs & hunt for their graduation dresses…
Im far from seeking the words I’ve just said, I’m actually just beginning my stay in college. I am only half way through the path of which I will one day call my destiny.
I am nowhere near regretting & I don’t plan to do, well at least for now…
Sometimes a feeling of being left out comes to me, & suddenly feel fear in my system,
                                Telling me…
“They’ve all graduated, seeked for jobs, found their career & settled in”
While I’m still here, slowly passing, holding some instruments at hand, waiting for my professors to give out grades, pass or fail & make me wonder if I’ll ever triumph over all this.
They say life’s about taking chances, & yes I took a path I have learned to love since the beginning.
They say life’s never complete without trying so I guess I did took the right way & as the roads diverge my mind wonders off, as it trails across the trees of what ifs and what could have beens. But then I stop & jolt & look back.
Im still happier in the path of which I took.
I am continuing this adventure & no matter where it takes me,
To bums and bruises,
To tears and blood shut eyes,
To empty pockets and blank checks

I wont ever give up, so for now,
As they go up on stage
I shall admire the beauty,
The emcee’s delightful voice
The graduates cheerful sigh

I cant wait for my turn
That one day finally
I’ll hear the words,
CARULLO, Diane Belchez
A graduate, Batch 2015

Till then.


Written last year, finished this year, posted this year. Daz all :))

Overdeveloped Fondness

He walks the halls with smiles and laughter
Drives us crazy with his jokes and antics
He teaches us things, from right to wrong
And cares entirely for our well being
From serious lessons to just fooling around,
He keeps the class lively and do what he does best
He is a teacher, a father, and above all, a FRIEND.

He’s a person so kind,
Even his laser guns get nabbed.
He’s a person so cool
You will surely love to call DAD.
He’s a teacher so fab
You surely wont wanna miss class.

He has taught us so much,
From exposing xray films to pricking needles, to CPRs and Heimlich’s
And with all this we just we just wanna sing and shout a big “Thank you” Sir Romero
We are forever in debt for the knowledge and kindness you have shared with us.
Please remember our timid faces, our cookie sighs and our crazy ideas whilst you read this.

We love you Sir! X

-         -Carullo, Diane B., DMD2A =)

Martes, Marso 5, 2013

Things & Wishes~

There will always be those scenes in life that'll keep on lingering no matter how hard you try to lock it down.
Things you wish you hadn't said,
        Things you wish you said.
Things you wish you had not done
        And things you wished you've had.

There'll always be moments where you wish you didn't or you wish you did.
Things you always wanted a time machine for, to rewind the events and in-still in mind a picture of what's right to do.
Things you wish you had, like a magic wand or a crystal ball to enlighten you with things.
Or magic powers to make things right.

There will always be consequences and a series of preludes and post activities.
And no matter how you wish or hope, things will never go the way you want them to.
Things will always go from down right happy to all the way round sad street.
       But despite all you'll realize that what's done is done,
               What's not done is what stays.

We can never turn the clock & force time to reverse itself.
All that's left then are lessons of the past & the future,
                                         of right & wrongs
                                            of recollections of what might have been and what could have beens
                                         and of hopeless and scary nights of why and hows

Lest I forget, all of life is but an experiment

                We learn through the explosions of acids and bases.
                                   through the hot flow of magmas and self made volcanoes
                              through the mind blowing equations and formulas

         And in vast retrospect
                  We realize that working with our lab mates is the biggest challenge of all.
                       Through thick and thin I'll stick.

No matter what I'll try to learn.
Cause I know, it'll always be worth it.~


Biyernes, Pebrero 15, 2013

Unknown: Isang Lumang Kasulatan

Ayun. Sapul. Nahulog ang bola sa basket. Panalo sila.
Sa bawat pagpasa at bawat pagshoot ng bola,
May isang tinamaan, malakas ang tibok ng puso at panalo rin ang dating.
Pagnakashoot, ayun, sa paghulog ng bola, buong puso nya hulog rin.
She's falling for him, rumor sa school. Bakit daw?
Aba ewan. Isang palaisipan umano.

Siya ang pinakamagaling, at pinakamatalino, nakarating na sa ibang bansa dahil sa contests na sinalihan,
pero ang mainlove sa isang basketbolista? Nakapagtataka.

Matapos ang game, nagsilapit ang mga fans ni lalake.
Di lumapit si babae, halatang may gusto siya, pero ayaw niyang aminin…

Hanggang isang araw, nakita siyang luhaan at mistulang wala sa sarili…
                Nawala ang lahat sa kanya.
Walang makakaayos, kundi ang bolang maty autograph ni lalaki.

Pinilit ng kaibigang makuha ito, ngunit huli na ang lahat.

                Nagbigti si babae.

                .END OF STORY.

Linggo, Enero 6, 2013

The thoughts of an 18 going on NINETEEN.

I am 19 and I'm feeling ancient.

I am 18, borderline of innocence & maturity.
I am 18, filled with optimism & dreams.
I am 18, a little doubltful but ready to reach my dreams.
I am 18, & still stuck in my Neverland...
          but soon,
                    turning 19

19, the year of truth
     the year to make things right.
     the last year of teenhood.
     & the year to transform myself bit by bit unto being an adult.

I am 19, soon to end my adolescence
I am 19, filled with hope & the will to make it big.
I am 19, uncertain but making those tiny steps towards my goal in life
I am 19, still missing my mother's hand & my father's sermons
I am 19, & a little stunned with this new world...
          but soon,
                    I'll be prancing around willing to move forward.

As the great Morrie Schwartz has said,
      "All younger people should know something. If you're always battling against getting older you're always going to be unhappy, because it will happen anyhow."
I am ready to take that step towars maturity, to look back & not dwell in it, I am 19 never will I be 18 again.
Last year has passed so swiftly & I take pride in all the joys & sorrows.

Thank You Lord God for everything. ♥

     "Because if you've found meaning in your life, you don't want to go back. YOU WANT TO GO FORWARD. You want to see more. You can't wait until sixty five."