Martes, Pebrero 4, 2014

Thoughts relinquished ~

Well this is just a random rumbling of the human mind...

Its just a normal day, a usual evening with some moments to spare and thoughts to relinquish.

I cannot ever reckon what is up,
what this roller coaster ride is falling to.
Where the bridge may lead,
nor where the sun may shine.

I cannot tend to things I know none about,
Nor foresee the shadows of tomorrow or the future.
I cannot lie awake and daydream
To assure myself of a promise.

Blood runs the stream
flowing like explosions soon rise
Heart beats fast
like drums echoing in a drum roll

Head lingers to crazed fathoms
like seeing your life before your very eyes
Words get lost in a sea of tides
like learning a new language first hand

I do not know what is up
What boggles the mind
rattles the soul
and stutters with words

I have no answer yet to release.
Maybe tomorrow i'll know.
And I'll continue to hope
Just as the mind may please.