Huwebes, Oktubre 10, 2013

Knackered & Jaded~

When words cannot strongly suffice the heart's longing,
the emotion sets in & the being lays knackered.

With questions made to and fro,
unimaginable consequences overpower.
It is right to take grasp,
To answer & catch every bit of certainty in the universe.

But what again is it that bedazzles this creature?
A word she would not utter not try to speak of.
A fantasy she dreams of cutting off,
Yet in reality, she longs of a fairytale.

Why would she in a million years run away?
Because she fears extinction.
Not of her race but for her well being.
For that something she has always caged within.

She refuses to enter the portals
For when she takes a step
She'd take a leap of faith
& drown in a pool of mess

She stays unamused yet enthralled
By the idea of knowing what "it" may seem to be
She remains in her corner, hoping.
That one day perhaps...

all her convictions will turn to ash forgotten for life & changed to something worthwhile.

18.27. 10.10.13.

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