Martes, Marso 5, 2013

Things & Wishes~

There will always be those scenes in life that'll keep on lingering no matter how hard you try to lock it down.
Things you wish you hadn't said,
        Things you wish you said.
Things you wish you had not done
        And things you wished you've had.

There'll always be moments where you wish you didn't or you wish you did.
Things you always wanted a time machine for, to rewind the events and in-still in mind a picture of what's right to do.
Things you wish you had, like a magic wand or a crystal ball to enlighten you with things.
Or magic powers to make things right.

There will always be consequences and a series of preludes and post activities.
And no matter how you wish or hope, things will never go the way you want them to.
Things will always go from down right happy to all the way round sad street.
       But despite all you'll realize that what's done is done,
               What's not done is what stays.

We can never turn the clock & force time to reverse itself.
All that's left then are lessons of the past & the future,
                                         of right & wrongs
                                            of recollections of what might have been and what could have beens
                                         and of hopeless and scary nights of why and hows

Lest I forget, all of life is but an experiment

                We learn through the explosions of acids and bases.
                                   through the hot flow of magmas and self made volcanoes
                              through the mind blowing equations and formulas

         And in vast retrospect
                  We realize that working with our lab mates is the biggest challenge of all.
                       Through thick and thin I'll stick.

No matter what I'll try to learn.
Cause I know, it'll always be worth it.~


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