Linggo, Marso 13, 2016


Funny how I started this page as a student A student with high hopes and dreams. A student with a passion to share her thoughts through bits of fragmented words and phrases. Its been years, and finallu I pushed through. It was a long journey, But it was all worth the wait. 8 months has passed since my first day at work Its been draining yet fulfilling. Nothing much has changed. Although I have less time to write..... And less time to explore the world and all its wonders Nevertheless I wanna prepare myself for the good life Its gonna be one heck of a ride and im gonna enjoy it :) Cheers for now! x 12:59pm March 14, 2016

Pen & Paper 📒✒

But what does writing really mean to you? Is it just a passing fancy, A past time, a hobby. Something you do when idle, or coerced by authority. But what does writing really mean to you? Is it a passion that rages within you, A phrase you cant contain. A longing for a pen and paper, endless scribbling that can go on forever. But what does writing really mean to you? Is it a path to take, A risk you'd make. Or a calling slowly dying, Amidst reality sinking deep within. Writing does not envy, It does not boast. Writing does not compete. Its something that keeps waiting until realized. Its that which flows deep in your veins Through every organ and system in your body. Its that which experiences real emotions Real people, real stories. Writing is freedom. For thoughts that are caged, Words unspoken, And ideas that just never seem to happen. And to me, writing is not giving up. On something so dear. Its holding close a gift so precious. And still bit by bit, hoping for a dream to be realized. 12:41pm 031416