Huwebes, Setyembre 25, 2014

Masks and Fronts~

Droplets of rain fall just as my heart ponders
On thoughts i'd rather not think about
Moments linger, emotions flourish
I lay awake just to see what happens next

Actions are louder than the thoughts that dwell inside our cages
What the brain conceives physical nature brings out
Arrows streak on a bull's eye
Blood flow through existing veins

Masks and fronts
Smiles and leaving.
Loneliness surfaces
and to writing...

Dwell on written words that dont cut as blade
When the heart feels lacerated and handicapped
The world seem suffocating
And fake.

Facades and rumors
Whispers and stabs
Like pinned needles they sting
Cause the mind never forgets

But you'll always be fine
Cause moments pass
We move on.
We pretend.

Treasures and friends.
True or False.
I don't even know what's real
Nor where I stand

Crossroads and goodbyes
Junctions and dilemmas
You ask where to go
And in signs you look

Mind's confused, hear wonders
How does one think logically?
How does one surpass such?
Too many questions raised

So little time to discover,
one self and decisions
dispositions and beliefs
I can not answer a single one.

but one day perhaps.