Sabado, Agosto 3, 2013

Anxieties and Heartaches~

When the anxiety starts to get to you,
and the water works start to haunt you,
give in.

Tomorrow is a brand new day,
but the heartaches of today will always and forever be etched.

It is a great feeling to live pass it.
To know you've struggled high and low but survived.
Its what's most fulfilling.

What I cannot comprehend is when and how things will come to a turning point.

I am waiting.~

And if once I see the light shine thru I'll go quick and savor the sun that beams thru.
I  shall live with it and attain it.

I wonder when the light shall shine.

I thought I have reached the end but I haven't.

I am still in the pits waiting for the walls to break.

Till tomorrow comes and hits me,

till triumph and great happy days. 8.3.13.

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