Sabado, Agosto 3, 2013

Seeking breaking-free~

When it hurts like hell and you just wanna mask all the jumbled emotions inside you.
When you just wanna run across the hay fields and scorn yourself whilst you bleed so that the pain will be a refuge.
So that the pain inside will feel normal, so that the pain will mask another pain.

When will the longing end?
When will thy seeking end?

I wanna smile again, and laugh and cheer. And prance and fly.

I want the tears to fall so that maybe I could at least let go of some bottled emotions.

1,2,3 steadfast my heart beats.

I want the the stream to flow... The tunnels to burst.

And the barriers to break...

7.12.13. 4.58.

Anxieties and Heartaches~

When the anxiety starts to get to you,
and the water works start to haunt you,
give in.

Tomorrow is a brand new day,
but the heartaches of today will always and forever be etched.

It is a great feeling to live pass it.
To know you've struggled high and low but survived.
Its what's most fulfilling.

What I cannot comprehend is when and how things will come to a turning point.

I am waiting.~

And if once I see the light shine thru I'll go quick and savor the sun that beams thru.
I  shall live with it and attain it.

I wonder when the light shall shine.

I thought I have reached the end but I haven't.

I am still in the pits waiting for the walls to break.

Till tomorrow comes and hits me,

till triumph and great happy days. 8.3.13.