Martes, Marso 19, 2013

Overdeveloped Fondness

He walks the halls with smiles and laughter
Drives us crazy with his jokes and antics
He teaches us things, from right to wrong
And cares entirely for our well being
From serious lessons to just fooling around,
He keeps the class lively and do what he does best
He is a teacher, a father, and above all, a FRIEND.

He’s a person so kind,
Even his laser guns get nabbed.
He’s a person so cool
You will surely love to call DAD.
He’s a teacher so fab
You surely wont wanna miss class.

He has taught us so much,
From exposing xray films to pricking needles, to CPRs and Heimlich’s
And with all this we just we just wanna sing and shout a big “Thank you” Sir Romero
We are forever in debt for the knowledge and kindness you have shared with us.
Please remember our timid faces, our cookie sighs and our crazy ideas whilst you read this.

We love you Sir! X

-         -Carullo, Diane B., DMD2A =)

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