Biyernes, Hunyo 28, 2013

Patience & Patients~

Hi there!

          Its my first journal for this semester & school year.
       Many things have happened, many things have changed.
     The earth's motion started with different schedules,
                                                       different people,
                                                       and most possible a new environment.

Change was sudden, I should have long been prepared. And so it starts...

I carve a face on my oh-so-busy mind
And flip! My thoughts jumble, my words jump.
I kept thinking hard lately
And I cant believe it'll possibly even be more challenging

People run a jolt, they come and go
With written scribbles & laughs in exchange
I developed fondness for a person & a stranger
As weird as it may seem I have liked what it felt

To be loved & be complimented
To feel a heart-warming desire
To feel fulfilled & adequate
To help & to be of service

I see the smiles on their faces
And the twinkle in their eyes
Their sweet gentle beaming
And their soft whisper "I am fine"

This is what I like to do.
And I tell myself most often,
I wanna be of service
For people who dig thru the sands of time

For the masses who have long waited
To restore a huge grin
To laugh genuinely
To feel accepted

The "thank you's" are all rewards
To hear that is music in my ears
I wanna feel this joy
I want this lasting feeling

Firsts are always scary
First are ultra challenges
But who cares?
We live and we learn...

& love the journey that awaits. ♥

8.42pm. 6.27.13

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