Lunes, Hunyo 3, 2013

In Memory~

As I woke up I found you gone
With shattered pieces of my heart left on the floor
Torn and abandoned I lay weary
Caressing every single moment of the life I had with you

I was left crushed in pieces
I reckon I can never make whole again
You left within a jolt of intangible lies
In a web of queries and anxieties

And as I lie on that cold hard marble
Reality struck that I may never see you again
That gentle smile that beams to and fro
And that flick of hair that rattles my soul

I held my palms and remembered how you held it
And in my heart I know I've found you
But in that winter night I know
I lost a soul I have bore my life to

I dont wanna say farewell
Coz I know you were the one
I dont wanna say good bye
Coz im waiting one last hi

-Dee. 11.12am. 6.4.13

#totalrandomness I have no idea where this came from. Totallyyyyy

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