Miyerkules, Nobyembre 16, 2011

I wonder.

I wonder if I'm ever worth knowing.

If I'm ever worth mingling with.

If I'm ever worth being called as someone's friend.

I'm arrogant, and selfish.

I'm heartless and a fool.

I'm a robot, I have emotions, but I can't let it out.

I wonder if I'm ever worthy for some respect.

For some love

and for some attention.

I wonder if I'm ever worth their pain.

And if I'm ever worth the consequence.

I am just me.



and totally confused.

I am dainty.

and fragile.

and certainly perplexed.

I wonder.


don't let the friendship rot.

Hello again my dear blogspot. Haven't been here for quite some time, and geez, how I miss writing.

Felt like writing again, I've got tons of homework to do, lots of stuff on my mind, and lots of things to buy ,not to mention. lol (dentistry's way too expensive)

Call me a freak, or whatever. I'm going to be damn sentimental and mushy this time.

I'm in the middle of a crossroad, into a path of which to where, I do not know.

I wanna go to a distant land and think, to let my heart speak of how it truly feels.

Dang. I'm so bad at letting all the tension out, and writing is my only outlet.

Freaky. Now I'm circling around again. lol. I can't seem to get to my point..

"Don't let the friendship rot.
Caress it with your divine love,
Culture it with at most care,
And don't ever let go.."
Sigh* My mind's pretty much confused. I aint leaving anyone, and I aint going anywhere.

Bottomline: Gah. I'm much too sensitive and I don't wanna show it. That's why I'm writing this down. Just wanna let out some tension inside me..

Friendship a teenager's best asset and at the same time the worst waterloo everrrr.

It blooms, as time lengthens..

It's petals spread out and gives out beauty.

It's scent is sweet, and divine.

But as time goes..

It withers,

and slowly dies.

I beg to disagree.

Friendship does not die. It stays. Cause it will always be true.

Friendship blooms in May, in June and even in winter.

Friendship has no limits.

It's beauty is itself, and it's scent is much too amazing that I can no longer describe.

Friendship is beautiful.

It was created for people left out, needs company and for everyone, for every person, to cherish and to be grateful for such a treasure.

It is true and everlasting.

Friendship is about love.

love, for one another,

and understanding above all.

People make mistakes.

They grow weary and anxious.

Regret accompanies every waking heartache.

And alas.. sorry is the only reciprocal of thee.