Huwebes, Disyembre 5, 2013

If only, coz I miss you.

Well I am feeling all sorts of things at the moment.
But to be honest, Im writing coz I miss you.

I miss you and your smile.
I miss you and your jokes.
I miss you and your antics.
I miss you and I.

I miss your texts.
Your tweets and your vents.
I miss us being one and the same.
I miss us being stuck with each other,

I miss us staying late at night.
I miss us comforting each other.
I miss us being each others boyfriends.
I miss us, I miss us.

I miss you and your wit.
I miss you and your depth.
I miss you and your words.
I miss you and the compliments.

I miss you being here.
I miss you and your presence.
I miss you and your eyes.
I miss you and I miss you true.

I miss you.
I wanna talk again.
I wanna sing again.
I wanna smile with you again.

If only I could mend all that's crazy wild in the world.
If only I could recover all the piece that have been broken.
If only I could get a time machine and relive each day.
If only I could give the world just to alleviate all that's hurting.

If only I could turn those tears to dust.
If only I could turn that confusion to magic.
If only I could produce a breed of those creatures.
If only I could nurse you and comfort you.

I would..
I would sail through the deep just to hold you.
I would cross the ocean just to see that smile again.
I would delve down that deep abyss just to reach you.

If only I could.
If only.
Coz I would..
And so I miss you..

I dont know how,
I dont know where.
I dont know how things will be greater.
I dont know.

But I hope it all turns around and so I can see that smile again.


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