Biyernes, Hunyo 28, 2013

Patience & Patients~

Hi there!

          Its my first journal for this semester & school year.
       Many things have happened, many things have changed.
     The earth's motion started with different schedules,
                                                       different people,
                                                       and most possible a new environment.

Change was sudden, I should have long been prepared. And so it starts...

I carve a face on my oh-so-busy mind
And flip! My thoughts jumble, my words jump.
I kept thinking hard lately
And I cant believe it'll possibly even be more challenging

People run a jolt, they come and go
With written scribbles & laughs in exchange
I developed fondness for a person & a stranger
As weird as it may seem I have liked what it felt

To be loved & be complimented
To feel a heart-warming desire
To feel fulfilled & adequate
To help & to be of service

I see the smiles on their faces
And the twinkle in their eyes
Their sweet gentle beaming
And their soft whisper "I am fine"

This is what I like to do.
And I tell myself most often,
I wanna be of service
For people who dig thru the sands of time

For the masses who have long waited
To restore a huge grin
To laugh genuinely
To feel accepted

The "thank you's" are all rewards
To hear that is music in my ears
I wanna feel this joy
I want this lasting feeling

Firsts are always scary
First are ultra challenges
But who cares?
We live and we learn...

& love the journey that awaits. ♥

8.42pm. 6.27.13

Lunes, Hunyo 3, 2013

Trapped Emotions~

When feelings get lost in a sea of tides you grasp every bit of uncertainty. Hoping that in a queer skim you'll hold what you've been waiting for in the palm of your hands. But then again as every mystery unfolds you lay abandoned thou unrattled.

A quick snap of a finger, a gentle tap on the dusty wooden oak and a solid smack of drift wood...
Alas I this I found...

Little being wants to feel
To flaunt and anneal
As the tides splash
And I jump in a dash

Little being wants to scream
Just to flash thy beam
To sigh and fly
To apply thy cry

Little being want to play
As she goes astray
And humbly she whispers
"I dont care"

Little being wants to shout
Thou all the world may doubt
Little being wants to sob
Yet all the world's a blab!

Little being wants it out
Thou she pretends a scout
Little being sees the world
And every stab a sword

Little being wants to sneak
Maybe with just a peak
Little being wants it over
Yet I can say whatever

Little being says okay
Coz she's tired of maybe
As her mind floats in bay
She remains like a baby


1.01am. 6.4.13

In Memory~

As I woke up I found you gone
With shattered pieces of my heart left on the floor
Torn and abandoned I lay weary
Caressing every single moment of the life I had with you

I was left crushed in pieces
I reckon I can never make whole again
You left within a jolt of intangible lies
In a web of queries and anxieties

And as I lie on that cold hard marble
Reality struck that I may never see you again
That gentle smile that beams to and fro
And that flick of hair that rattles my soul

I held my palms and remembered how you held it
And in my heart I know I've found you
But in that winter night I know
I lost a soul I have bore my life to

I dont wanna say farewell
Coz I know you were the one
I dont wanna say good bye
Coz im waiting one last hi

-Dee. 11.12am. 6.4.13

#totalrandomness I have no idea where this came from. Totallyyyyy