Lunes, Marso 24, 2014

inglorious windings~

A bump on the head,
a scratch on the skin,
enough to slap awaken reality
bursting up the bubble of infinite better days~

You find yourself rattled once more
Drowning in a finite mess of things
Of inglorious windings
and constant rages of hope.

Drops of rain fall amidst the summer sky
Just as the clouds battle against the wind
And it never stops for hours
Just to settle in mind who flourishes in the end.

And I wont give in to all
I wait for clear blue skies
For a great summer
For unrelenting thoughts

Tomorrow will be better.
I contest to the misery unfathomable
When you do most you can
And achieve none to presume.

I have once drowned in the immeasurable abyss
I have survived and frolicked,
But when all else fails
Push. Pray until something happens.

This warrior is never over getting battle scars.
When the enemy refuses to see your efforts.
Never think ill.
Instead hope for peace of mind.

Fast, until perhaps one day
It realizes your worth something.
I contest to believe in the negative.
I may still be living in my own bubble.

But I'll always know,
Hope is better than nothing.
Lord God, I know You're there for me, for us.


Linggo, Marso 9, 2014

Dreams & Detours~

Truth is, I wasn't just given a dream.
I developed it myself.

Or maybe I wasn't.

I grew up learning each day that I opt to be "something"I have always knew I wanted to be.
While others contemplate and rationalize things I have always been stuck with one choice.
In high school, when others would weigh what they're good at and compare it with their would-be-courses I stay in my own lil' corner and aspire.
Coz I have always known what I wanted to be.

I was inspired to be what I wanted to be.
I was dazzled in amazement by the complexities of human teeth.
My high school batchmates could attest to that.
I have always opted to choose where I am today.

To realize that I am now a few steps closer to that dream is an achievement.
To know that 5 years will soon come to end,
To strive & let live all the tension, stress and acads explosions,
To believe that in a few months time, I shall graduate.

But what's next?

I wasn't given a dream.
I am striving to achieve it.
I wasn't given an illusion.
I plan to build my own future.

Coz when you build your own dream you realize,
that you deserve to have your own future.
And as the thought of how tough those years have been,
you refuse to stay blinded.

Tomorrow is a long way ahead.
I dont know what lies in the path that awaits,
but I am positive, a detour shall soon rise.
The road is under construction..

but let the good times roll.
Drive into the future. It shall seem great.


Growing up.

I dont know, I just dont feel fine.
And I just want comfort and someone who can listen.
I just wanna explode and let it all flow.
I just wanna say things, coz it feels that I dont have the right anymore.

When people try to decide for yourself, you lose your voice.
You tend to realize that everything in your future is no longer yours.
That everything that's true now is no longer real.
And all your plans suddenly flourish in one blink.

You smile in pretension and feel so bipolar.
And when the world seem to crumble,
You pray that someone will notice.
Coz your strong, and no one should know.

But you arent. You're a ticking time bomb.
And all it takes is a call from your mom.
When even her voice wont seem to comfort you.
You miss your homeland and your friends.

You miss the times when everything depends on you.
When you wont think about what to do tomorrow or the summer break.
You realize you cant do anything about it.
Coz your chained, no matter what it seems right.

Why cant it be bad.
Why does it feel so sad.
That even flyin' else where is a dilemma.
It just freakin hurts.

I wanna feel numb.
I wanna break free.
I wanna seek for things i want.
Not what others want.

I just..
I feel burdened.
And when your expectations fail you.
Dream a better dream.

Coz maybe just maybe, tomorrow your dream will be yours, truly.