Linggo, Nobyembre 5, 2017

live and love

And just like a flicker,
We're one day gone in this world.
Passing like folly
Never realizing we slowly drift away

Appreciate what's infront of you
Never let go of a moment
Seize the day
Embrace change

Treasure the memories
Live for the day
Live and love
Laugh often, cry a little

We never know when one's time is up
So live and love
Never forget to stop and enjoy the view
Just live and breathe

Life's meant to be lived not to be caged
Let go of the chains and the burdens
Seize the day,
Live and love till the end of time.

Sabado, Hulyo 15, 2017

gold tears

solid gold tears,
if I were to say.

i love you.
though you'd always feel lacking

solid gold tears.
and so it freely falls

i love you.
and it gives me shivers how my eyes are so full with tears

solid gold tears
waiting to just freely unleash its power

i love you.
much more frequent than how the sun rises or the moon shines

solid gold tears
they slowly fall as I long for one sweet grace

i love you.
you creature you, i have loved you more than i myself could allow

solid gold tears
as I begin to ponder on memories

dont quit, dont give up.
you told me! you told me to never give up!

solid gold tears
as I slowly hold them back

you told me to hold on and we can make it. i've been holding on. but what's the commotion

solid gold tears.
just let it rot in my system.

i reckon i wont bear it if this tears linger for a while more.

 i love you.
can you hear me?