Miyerkules, Enero 8, 2014

Frantic Horror~

You realize you were hanging on but a single thread, dangling down the brink of a cliff as the sunlight slowly haunts you with a promise of hope & tomorrow that never to seem come.

Then the phoenix rises & sees his prey, he grabs on it as quickly as the birds soar on migration day.

That was it. The last beam of glee and a promise of a future to await.

And scorn by misery & regress the culprit being stays inept to being her own kind.

The vast lands matter not a little, cause all the majority fills it with terror and frantic horror.

That was her last ticket for a glimpse of a new beginning.

Of better days and of light shining at the end of the tunnel
The damsel's last cry as she wakes to see the rainbow after the rain.
It was that stream of fresh warmth on a long winter night.

It was what the moment gave and she chose to bit.

Now everything in the world has chosen to fall apart.
Crumbling in every aspect of uncertainty
Of the weary mind that choose to stay awake.
In the wee hours of the morning, she decides to take the nearest exit.

LRT ride~

Lunes, Enero 6, 2014

World Says~

What I am about to reveal now is but a ruled out miscalculation of the wonders of the world and the complications & complexity of human beings.

He says, she says, you're a pretty little miss.
He says, she says, you're a smart wise kid.
He says, she says, you're a talented beast.
He says, she says, you have the skill and the wit.

He says, she says you have the will to make it big.
He says, she says you have the power of dreaming.
He says, she says you have the guts in aiming.
He says, she says you have the ability to be king.

You say, just as always, you're not beautiful
You say, just as always, you're not able
You say, just as always, you're not capable,
You say just as always, you're but average

You tell them otherwise,
Thou all the world connive
To keep that dream alive
It'll always be you who puts out the knife.

He says, she says, you're a winner.
You say, just as always, im a wiener
He says, she says, you can make it.
You say, just as always "I can't do it."

He says, she says, I believe in you.
You say, just as always, I'm not confident.
He says, she says, "That dream is yours."
You say, just as always, it's implausible.

When all the world chose to instill the best in you
You chose to be humble and let down a sigh.
When the entire crowd decided you're special
You decided it’s a lie and you're nothing.

When the entire world wanted to hone you
You wanted to rebel against & propel
When the universe started to realize you're amazing
You started to come against the flow

Why is it always a battle between self and others?
Why is it a challenge to realize self worth?
Why is it hard to accept what's foreseen?
Why is it that humans choose to let themselves down than believe in their selves and others perception?

Why are we born to deny ourselves of the idea of being good at something?
Why are we given the conscience and the capacity to weigh things?
Why are we so rude to ourselves than to others?
Why are we as intellectual beings chose to degrade our very own selves?

I have no anwers.
All I have are queries.
And this to my delight is what puzzled me on the evening of January 6th, 2014.

(unedited coz i feel lazy)