Martes, Agosto 30, 2011

Tabaco is always a home to those who call it a home.

My mind is blank and I've got nothing to write. Just thought I'd stop by my blog and say hi to my private dimension..

hmm.. I'm here in front of my green laptop, still exhausted and sleepy. I'm drained and have not yet gained enough energy yet.. Tomorrow is a dreaded exam day and so on. Still haven't scanned my notes, carved a little, but still, I haven't been productive for the past few days, considering it's a long weekend. yadi yadda...

August 26, I was to excited. I went home to my beloved hometown, Bicol.

No one could stop me once I'm decided, tsk. And even though I've got lots to do I still forced myself to go on board that bus and go home..

It was relaxing, absolutely fun! I really miss being in Tabaco, I miss the Sunday mass at malaking simbahan, the conversations in Bikol, the "hello tiya, hello tiyo" whenever I go out, and my friends and batchmates roaming the city.

Tabaco is always a home for those who call it a home.

Fair enough. But I just can't seem to contain the eagerness to go home every once in a while.

It's good to hear the laughter, the bikol jokes, and the mutual understanding we Bikolanos have.

And I won't cry.

I won't, really.

Back to reality. My reality.

I chose this path, and no being shall ever question me for doing so, even myself.

Now its back to my textbooks, to Clemente, to facebook and to texting whenever solace haunts me down. poooof! Let's do this! :)