Miyerkules, Oktubre 9, 2013


I dont know what lies ahead. But I seek to opt to know that things will go well.

Swell. As I just feel like falling flat on the concrete mountains of the jungle of the civilized world. I lie awake just to face the gloomy disposition of facing a reality that's there to haunt me for the rest of my well being.

I stand just to realize the truth of being in a certain circumstance of disbelief and not knowing.

And in this vast universe of connection dots and situations I stare into the ceiling blankly as the thoughts revolve around my own solar system. Rattled and amused I solemnly pray for that silver lining, for a breath of fresh hope and a bight ray of sunshine.

In layman's term, I am confused and uncertain of what the world may fuse to be. If   I the student shall find the right one or if I the student shall be forever one that waits till the crows turn white as cold as the snow that never falls in the PH.

I seek to know.
Thou I cant stand the heartbreak of waiting for unfavourable ideas.

10.7.13 12.44AM

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