Lunes, Hulyo 4, 2011

Telling Him I Love You.

Love is that unforgettable dream; it s a fairytale like no other.It s the coming of age of a person s emotion because she knows she has felt the greatest emotion in the world. It s that one special feeling that never could you deny nor keep from people around you. Love, it s an equation of you plus me.
They say when you love, it s the time when you feel like falling, it's like putting in mind that there s no turning back. It means no holding back of emotion, falling and letting it all go. But there is one time when you feel like hesitating, keeping your emotions and hiding from him from a distant. You feel like screaming and you ask yourself, Must I show it? Must I tell him? Then you find it in your heart to tell him, until you finally discovered that it s too late, too late to tell him.
Love is like a fairytale come true, when you tell him you love him and he answers, "I love you too." It' s having the feeling of delight and contentment because being with him means the world to you. It s like having that floating on air feeling because you know you ve told him the truth about your emotions. It s like feeling guaranteed that all will be well, because it will always be you and me .
On the other hand, love is an unforgettable dream, it s the memory that will always linger, and will be forever reminisced, from the day you met him till the day you ve finally decided to tell him. But what if you choose not to norture that intense feeling because you hesitated; you deprived yourself of loving and being loved back. You choose to keep it to yourself and yourself alone, though all the world shouts you have fallen. You ll feel the agony, the regret and you shall feel the world crumbling down before your very feet. It ll seem like the end of everything. And still, it is an unforgettable dream, where you d hope once again to find the love you ve been wishing for all your life.
Love is the greatest emotion in the world, it really doesn t matter if you told him you loved him or if you kept it to yourself and neither is it about having felt his care or having a heartache, it s like the famous quotation about love,"It s better to love and be hurt than to never to have loved at all." It's the idea of learning and having felt love even if it hurts you dearly than never being in love at all.

It's that feeling of contentment, loving, and not wanting anything in return..

I LOVE YOU, 3 simple words that'll mean the world to you.

I remembred CTCL with this composition.. I guess TRUE LOVE WAITS.. :)

This scene was such a heartbreaking moment. :(
 And it was Nam all along.. :)

Tell her/him I Love You.. :)

Comm. Skills 2

~nothing personal here, just didn't got any topic to write on about.. this was written like more than a year ago.. found it when I was looking through some random stuff on a bunch of notebooks I have. :)

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  1. Hindi ko mapigilang maluha habang binabasa ko to. I've read it several times. it reminds me of a love i used to have. A love that i still keep. A love that was never expressed. A love that has been looking for an exit from my heart all these time. I can feel you in these words. It's as if your pouring out your heart through every letter and punctuation you used even though you're saying there's nothing personal there. But i think only a person who experienced love can write such words.

    Thank you so much for writing such. thank you for reminding me of that love i had always keep in my heart. It also reminds me of how i regretted not telling her about it. How i watched my world crumbled when i realized i was too late and she' gone.

    It's almost a decade now since i started feeling something different towards her. It all started with a simple infatuation when i was 14. Then i realized after a year that the feeling grew stronger. i always wanted to see her. I was very thankful that she was still my classmate. But even though, I just loved her in the background. The world's attention was towards her while I was just a nobody. Everybody liked her. It seemed like every boys had a crush on her. I was just watching her from afar while other guys made their effort in showing her affection – guys that were far better than me in every aspect: mas matalino, mas gwapo, mas mayaman. I lost confidence. She was such a princess and I was a pauper. I felt I was no good to her and she can be with someone better.

    But even though things weren't agreeable to me, my love never waned. I still loved her with all my heart. I've been dying to get her attention all along, but it seemed she's not interested in me (I don't know). Everyday, I just want to see her. I just want to touch her, I really wanted to kiss her. I thought that if ever I experience kissing someone, she's the only one I have in mind to kiss. I was a dreamer. But I was afraid. I feared so much. I feared rejection.

    Then another year passed. We were nearing the end of high school, yet I'm still the same – the secret lover. There was greater pressure now because she has big dreams and she'd be studying college far away. Everyday I wrestled with a dilemma – should I tell her or should I not? At the end of the day, I still ended a loser. That happened every day. Everything was slipping away - all my chances running out. Until one day I blew the last chance I got. It was a few days before graduation. It was the moment I could never forget in my entire life and I always wish I could go back to that very moment and do things the other way around. But that day was the most especial day in my high school life. The most romantic i've ever experienced. I was chatting with her and our friends inside our class room. Then everybody started leaving until it's just the two of us. Finally, the moment i've been waiting for years! It's just the two of us, alone, together! We talked about things, but the only words I wanted to tell her was I LOVE YOU! But I kept those words in my mouth until it was all over. The words didn't come out. The moment she stood up and left, I watched my world crumble. I told myself she's gone forever. She's leaving for manila after graduation to study. I won't be able to have that chance again.

    Until now, I still think of that moment. At times I dream of it and I still want to know how she'd respond to it. One night, I dreamed I was on that very moment. But this time, I told her I love her. To my surprise, she replied that she love me too. I was so happy. I never thought that she loved me as well, but suddenly I woke up. Oh! I wish that was true. I would really die to be on that moment again. To say those three words. I still wonder how things could've been had I just told her.

  2. continuation ito....

    I agree with you, it is better to love than not to love at all. But, it would really be best if we are able to express that love, if we're able to tell that somebody we love how we really feel. It doesn't matter to me now how she would react. The only thing that matters to me is that i'd be able to tell her my feelings. I still pray for the chance to tell her I love her. I would really love to hear her say I LOVE YOU TOO. That would be the best sound this world can ever produce – her mouth saying I LOVE YOU TOO. I'm hoping and am dreaming she'd say so. But if she doesn't, i'd perfectly respect it. Thank you. I'm now convinced that I should really tell her what I feel though it's a bit late. One of these days I will and i'll let you know.

    As to you Diane, I just can't convince myself that you just wrote this out of nowhere. I strongly believe that you wrote this because you experienced it yourself. These words are full of emotion. I suggest you better tell him what you really feel. Love is not something you just keep inside your heart. That's what I learned. It should be shown and expressed to the one you love.

  3. correction - paragraph 3, sentence 9. it should be "boy," not boys.

  4. And to my dismay I have just stumbled upon these comments recently, almost a month from being published. I'll send my reply on facebook :) and I cant believe you've found and read something I wrote 4 years ago. Haha