Biyernes, Hulyo 29, 2011

I dreamed of having a blog since time immemorial

I can't believe I'm writing again. Thanks to this new world I've created and to this laptop I'm using :)

I can now perfectly convey what I feel. It just sucks to know that sometimes you've got all those words on your mind and just gets to jammed up together that you just don't know where to start..

Anyway, I'm glad I found my inspiration in writing again, although I'm still clueless what that is..

I dreamed of having a blog since time immemorial, a perfect blog where I can store all the information, all the thoughts and convictions in this brain of mine. Well I'm glad I've found it.

Started with that friendster blog, which really wasn't a good place to hide all this stuff, then come facebook, which was really nothing, then tumblr, I really can't share anything there except for some pictures and some quotes. I'm happy I found the courage to make a blogspot of my own, it's the perfect spot for all the jumbled words on my mind. <3

It's 11.40pm on my clock, and I think I better get going, hope I find another good thing to blog about tomorrow. :)

It ends here.


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