Lunes, Hulyo 4, 2011

Fragments of my life.

This is a fragment of my half interesting secret life.

I love to write but I hide my face & identity from the majority, because I’m a hundred times scared of rejection and critic. I write about my emotions, my true convictions, my confessions & my story.

I made this blog so I can throw in all my junk here, so I can finally delete it from my over used, fully loaded, pea sized brain.

Been looking through a bunch of notebooks and browsed some online notes lately, it made me realized my compositions needed a new place to dwell in.

I’ve been through more than a dozen blogspot accounts and my alt ego kept on forcing me to make one, but my mind instantly jolts into a feeling of uncertainty and fear.

But today I’ve finally decided to build this sanctuary to house some of my most sacred thoughts.

Just wanna blog to express here, cause I’m so damn desperate to let all this inspiration out of my system.

Hope someone visits this though, I’ll be thrilled. J

30.6.11. 10.24

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  1. Reading this now..nagpapaka strong na di kita ichat..haha..thinking about you all the time.. No. 1 fan here! :D