Miyerkules, Hulyo 27, 2011

hold my hand, make me feel safe, mom.

I miss my mama holding my hand..

It's that feeling of security, cause you know she's always there to protect you.
It's that feeling of delight, cause her warm hand makes you feel comfortable...

Saw a little boy climbing the stairs with his mama.. Made me miss the times when I held my mother's hand and felt so much at ease..

I miss the feeling of anger and being annoyed, whenever she seems so over protective.
I miss the time when I fell down and wounded my knees..
I miss my mama caring for me..

But everything changes..
Feels good to be a child once again..

Everything seemed to irritate me before, I wanted ti shout out loud, and say "Hey, I'm 10, you need not scold me." I can't imagine I'm missing the lectures, the everyday 'sermon'.

Time has passed..
Now, I can just hold on to all these memories..

I miss my mama, holding my hand and blowing gently that insect caught in my eye..
I miss her loud voice saying "Stop going up that hill!"
I miss the old times..

and never can it happen again..

All I've got are fragments, half of the story and half the feeling.

I miss my mama giving me all her attention..

but the earth goes round..and I'm weary..

A simple text warms my heart, specially when I read "jeje" on it..

She no longer scolds me and never is she strict now..

I guess that's the price of growing up..
You're free to do the things you can never do before.. with the absence of someone mandating your every move..

I wanna hold your hand again.. And feel the warmth, I wanna feel secured once more..

I promise I won't hesitate..

Cause I miss holding your hand..

-lrt train ride. 7.26.11 2.56

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