Miyerkules, Hulyo 27, 2011

I always come back stranded in my sea of dreams.

I've grown up..

I don't remember wishing so.. but I guess I did, a few times back when I was still younger than I was today..

I don't wanna grow up, really..

I wanna be like peter pan, the child who never grows old back in Neverland..

How I wish I can stay in a storybook, so that I'll remain a lil' girl like Alice and have superb adventures in Wonderland.. over and over again..

Too bad though, no matter how hard I've tried..

I always come back stranded in my sea of dreams..

I find myself in front of the mirror, staring at myself, looking at my dark brown eyes, my round face, and my straight black hair..

I'll never be too old for the saying "I wish I was a child again.."

But then again, how many times should I wish to do so?..

For all the times I did, I lost track of what I was doing..
I forgot to cease the moment.. to enjoy life as a kid while I still am.. Cause I was too busy wishing I could still bring my childhood back..

I am young, still young..

and I wish I could enjoy my life a s it is..

I remember one great saying back when I was in HS,
"No one is ever satisfied or contented with his/her life."

We keep on wishing on stars & comets and we keep on praying for something better, that we always forget about what we have.

Let's enjoy what we have now..

I am young, still young..

And I wanna live life as happy as playing house when I was a kid. I wanna love like that fake wedding with my playmate. And I wanna laugh endlessly, like when I was playing piggy back rides with my kuya and papa..

I wanna scream and shout like when I was playing hide and seek with my friends,

I wanna jump and hop, like playing piko, jumping rope and Chinese garter.

But most of all..

while I'm still young..

I wanna stay sweet and nice to my mamaand papa..

Like when my papa would carry me on his back and when I still go to church with my mama..

I know I can still be their lil' angel..

I may have grown up..

to be perhaps, a young lady,

but still, i don't want my childhood days to be but a pigment of my imagination someday..

I want it to be real and imaginable..

I don't wanna let go of my childhood really.. but as I end this,

I bid good bye to my dream of being a child again, but say hello, to a continuation in my reality..

I wish the lil' prince was here to give me some advice. T_T

-2 nights till the end of my summer.
9.6.11. sleep.

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